About KhaosKai – Mangaka and Illustrator

Heartwarming stories of bittersweet sadness


Starting the career as mangaka and freelance illustrator, his works have been published in Japan, USA, Germany and France. His art combines dark and visual kei asthethics with mythical, longing themes.
While he was active as a model from 2007-2009 for japanese fashion brands, he focused on drawing manga from then on. The sceneries range from fantasy to the realistic settings with psychological elements.
In 2012 he illustrated the book 守護天使占い図鑑 あなたを幸福に導く天使たちからのメッセージ (Guardian angel fortune telling book – messages from angels that lead you to happiness ~) alongside with the japanese Manga-ka Kaori Yuki for the famous japanese fortune teller Yuki Moira.
His Manga-shortstory “空般 伝説“ won the award 2nd price of MIRACLE JUMP magazine.

Last but not least, he refers to himself as a pirate captain and has gathered a very loyal crew of people who call this strong bond ‘KHIRATES’.